WINK introduces one more model to the Revolutionizer series. This 37ft, 34 cubic yard square bottom trailer has several advantages over any other design.

The use of UHMW plastic in place of aluminum sheet or extrusions to contain the load, Wink’s design gives flexibility that allows this trailer to be used to haul any size stone, asphalt, sludge, dirt and aggregates "all with one trailer". No more need for two different trailers.

UHMW plastic on Tail Gates Eliminates Dents!

The "ATAR" (All Terrain Air Ride) suspension design eliminates the extra set of arms to hold the suspension down found on traditional ¼ frame designs. The ATAR keeps all 8 tires on the ground giving more stability, increase spill height that fits a gravel box, asphalt machine and it is all on “air ride”.

This Patent Pending design gives you an $increase in payload$ with an empty weight as low as 9,000 pounds. It’s all about MORE PROFITS$$$$, the Wink Trailers are the only way to increase your profits


“New ATAR” air ride suspension that keeps all 8 wheels on the ground while dumping.

Multi-Colored Tarps Available upon Request

3/8 inch Thick UHMW plastic Standard. 1/2" to 1" optional. Choose from Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Gray, Black, Orange, "FREE Of Charge" to match the color of your truck. Other colors available upon request.

The PATENT PENDING DUMP PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR ANTI-TIPPING has several levels of protection you can purchase.

1. WARNING LIGHT, (the warning light is attached to a slop detection device specialy designed for Wink Trailer’s, the device is powered by the ABS System and is tied to a warning light located at the rear post. If the light is on it is unsafe to dump the trailer)

2. HORN AND WARNING LIGHT, (when the warning light is on and the driver continues to attempt to dump the trailer an electric horn is activated when the body begins to raise up off the fifth wheel warning the drive again that the trailer is setting in at an unsafe angle and should be lowered and moved to a more suitable area for unloading).

3. HYDRAULIC RELEASE VALVE AND HORN AND WARNING LIGHT. (the full package ads an electric hydraulic release valve that fits at the end of the hydraulic power hose where it attaches to the tractor. Then an additional hydraulic hose runs out of the release valve and back to the resorvoir which returns the hydraulic fluid if the bed becomes unsafe or tilts while raising causing the bed to return to a safe level).

Click Here for the Anti Tipping Video